Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie?

Angela overseas, but Brad may be studying his French...

With Angelina Jolie out of the country to do humanitarian work, Star is reporting that Brad Pitt has been spending time with a young French model named Racine. In fact, Racine says they're spending some of that time naked.

Racine says she's slept with three guys that Angelina Jolie has also been with and likes to sleep with married men because "they get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I'm able to give them what they lack."

Take it with a grain of...ahem...Salt.

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  1. Dunno lol but he is still awesome:d supportin'

  2. Angeline Jolie is the best actor ever imo x3 Hope Brad has some brains and didn't cheat :(

  3. The last thing I'd do would be stepping out with her in the house. She can be my wife any day.

  4. Of course he is, Angelina is getting old and loose ;)

  5. shes got those perfect lips and killer looks~ funny she would get cheated on