Monday, September 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Chooses Rehab

Sources with direct and specific knowledge of the situation tell TMZ Lindsay will enter a live-in facility outside of Los Angeles within days. Lindsay is now agonizingly aware she has an addiction problem and also acknowledges the reality -- addicts often backslide before they get better.We're told Lindsay is telling people she doesn't want this type of life anymore. She says she wants to get better and wants to do whatever it takes at this point ... irrespective of what Judge Elden Fox does to her.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Usher Parties in Hollywood With Who?!

New Hollywood hot spot Premiere Supper Club was the place to be Saturday night, with celebs like Usher and Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying the new "theater meets nightlife" themed club.

Nothing unusual about that, until we spotted Usher with a certain Oscar winner...

Sitting with the Grammy winner at a VIP table was none other than...Robert De Niro! The unlikely duo spent most of the night chatting and taking in one of the club's performances in which actors reenact scenes from popular movies.

That night's pick?

A scene from De Niro's famous flick Raging Bull. "The real De Niro and Usher were laughing, getting a kick out of the performance," a source told us. Afterward, the two hung out for a while before Usher took off in a black SUV with DiCaprio.

Also out Saturday, Jared Leto, Ke$ha, Mischa Barton, and Anna Faris were all in attendance at Phoenix's private after party at the Hollywood Roosevelt's Tropicana Bar. A few blocks away, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx spent time with friends at Drai's Hollywood on Friday night, dancing and even hopping on the mic to perform several songs for the crowd.

Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky celebrated her 26th birthday at the Mondrian Hotel's Skybar in West Hollywood on Saturday with fiancé Roberto Martinez and Bachelor Pad couple Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn. Fedotowsky and friends toasted with champagne and spent the whole night dancing while downing Stoli vodka drinks.

Earlier on Saturday, How I Met Your Mother star Colbie Smulders shopped with her 14-month-old daughter, Shaelyn, at the Pump Station in Santa Monica.

And speaking of HIMYM, that was drag queen extraordinaire Coco Peru filming an appearance the other day on the hit CBS series. She plays a hooker who propositions a certain star of the show. We won't tell you who, but the episode airs later next month.

Also coming next month, on Oct. 28 to be exact, a 35th anniversary celebration of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at L.A.'s Wiltern Theater. Glee stars Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Jason Segel and legendary rocker Billy Idol already signed on to make appearances during the live tribute. The night benefits The Painted Turtle, one of Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall camps.Read more:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bill Maher gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

This is SOOO cool! I love him! <3

"LOS ANGELES — Political satirist Bill Maher has been immortalized in Hollywood.
With Larry King and "Family Guy" producer Seth MacFarlane standing nearby, HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" talk show host unveiled his Walk of Fame star Tuesday outside the W Hotel at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.
Maher, who once hosted the late-night talk show "Politically Incorrect," said he wanted to thank "George Bush, Sarah Palin and the pope."
It was the 2,417th star dedicated on the famous sidewalk."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sony's `Resident Evil' Is Top U.S. Film With $27.7 Million in Ticket Sales

“Resident Evil: Afterlife,” the fourth film in the science-fiction series, was the top-grossing movie in the U.S. and Canada this past weekend, generating $27.7 million in ticket sales for Sony Corp.

“Takers,” which is also from Sony, finished second, moving up the rankings from its third-place finish last week, researcher Box-Office said yesterday in an e- mailed statement.
“Resident Evil,” the weekend’s only wide release, stars Milla Jovovich as a warrior who tries to shepherd a band of humans to safety in a world overrun by zombies. The first three movies averaged $47.3 million in ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada and $126.5 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. This weekend had the lowest ticket sales this year, Box-Office said.
“Sony took tremendous advantage of, what is typically one of the slowest weekends of the year, which is the post-Labor Day weekend,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Box-Office, in a telephone interview. “Sony found that sweet spot” and “worked it.”
It was the fifth time this year a Sony film topped the weekend chart, according to Box-Office. The company’s $922.3 million in 2010 sales through Sept. 9 puts it fifth among the major Hollywood studios, according to Box Office Mojo’s website.
‘The American’
The “Resident Evil” films are based on the video game from Osaka, Japan-based Capcom Co. The film was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also directed the original “Resident Evil,” released in 2002.
“Takers,” which finished second, had receipts of $6.1 million. The film features singer Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen, who are part of a group of bank robbers being chased by a veteran detective played by Matt Dillon.
George Clooney’s spy drama “The American” dropped to third from first place with $5.9 million. In the Focus Features film, Clooney plays an assassin who is hiding out in Italy between assignments. His circumstances become more perilous after he is asked to build a weapon for another hit.
Fox’s “Machete” fell to fourth from second with $4.2 million. In the movie, Danny Trejo plays a former Mexican police officer who seeks revenge against a group that betrayed him. The Robert Rodriguez action film co-stars Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro and Don Johnson.
‘Going the Distance’
“Going the Distance” was fifth again this week with $3.84 million. In the romantic comedy by Warner Bros. Pictures, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long play a pair of 30-somethings trying to sustain a bicoastal relationship.
Weekend sales for the top 12 films fell 10.8 percent to $68 million from $76.2 million in the year-ago period, said. Year-to-date receipts total $7.81 billion, up 3.94 percent from $7.51 billion. Attendance has fallen 1.6 percent this year.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kim Kardashian Not Happy About Playboy Outtakes

Kim Kardashian is none too pleased that released outtakes this week from her pictorial. The site released twenty-five pictures from Kim's 2007 photo shoot and Kim is apparently "freaking out," according to RadarOnline. "Kim was really upset that the new photos were released," said a source close to Kim. " She freaked out that they were out there, she didn't think that they were going to be seen again."

Kim has said she regretted doing the nude photo spread, but in 2008 she wrote a letter to her fans saying "While I'm not planning to pose for the men's magazine in the immediate future, I definitely don't want to close the door to the opportunity! I absolutely love Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy team and appreciate the opportunity to work with them!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Restraining Order

Leo's stalker has to stay away...

Leonardo DiCaprio has been granted a restraining order against a stalker. The person is a "delusional" 41-year old woman named Livia Bristiceanu, who believes she is married to DiCaprio and has his child.

Married or not, she'll have to stay 100 yards away from Leo for the next three years, according to an L.A. Country Superior Court judge.


DiCaprio told the court, "I am frightened of Ms. Bistriceanu and feel that my personal safety, and the personal safety of those around me, is in jeopardy."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beyonce Pays Five Figure Settlement for "Disruption" in Hollywood Hills

Earlier this summer (in May), while filming the video for "Why Don't You Love Me" in the Hollywood Hills, Beyonce and crew apparently made quite the racket.  As you can surely imagine, making a music video is inherently loud, what with the production crew, singing, light crew, and then some, but the crew were sued by a Hollywood Hills resident for another reason: trespassing.
Phillip Markowitz was such a neighbor, having sued Beyonce and crew in May for being a "major disruption" and having trespassed onto his driveway.
Says Markowitz:
"I'm happy with the settlement, but this lawsuit shouldn't have happened in the first place. They set up on my property without asking and [the settlement] should send a notice to other production companies that they need to respect the rights of property owners.

Uh, seriously dude?  Beyonce and her crew would be welcome for free on most people's yards, let alone for a five figure settlement.  Get over yourself.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie?

Angela overseas, but Brad may be studying his French...

With Angelina Jolie out of the country to do humanitarian work, Star is reporting that Brad Pitt has been spending time with a young French model named Racine. In fact, Racine says they're spending some of that time naked.

Racine says she's slept with three guys that Angelina Jolie has also been with and likes to sleep with married men because "they get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I'm able to give them what they lack."

Take it with a grain of...ahem...Salt.

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Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Is Definitely Single!

WOWOW! Me want him by myself! ;) hihih

Gossip Girl's resident British hotty, Ed Westwick has officially let us ladies know that he's back on the singles market after splitting from his co-star, Jessica Szohr.

Ed confirmed the happy news to Closer magazine at last night's GQ Men of the Year Awards ceremony.

He said; "I’m single!" Short and sweet!
He added: "My English accent drives American girls crazy but I haven’t got time for romance. I’ve always been in love with Rachel Weisz, but sadly she’s taken."

But he admitted that being in a relationship in the public eye can be difficult: "Sometimes you can’t deal with things privately – which is how they should be dealt with. It can be pretty hurtful, especially for people who aren’t as tough as they should be. People who don’t have their wall up."

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Ronald Reagan Movie Planned for 2011

I SOOOOOO wanna see this! Reagan for president! :) 
"LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The story of Ronald Reagan's life -- from boyhood to Hollywood actor to leader of the free world -- is about to spill out on the big screen in a way quite different from the miniseries that caused such a stir seven years ago.
The feature film, titled "Reagan" and sporting a $30 million production budget, is set for release late next year and will be based on two best-selling biographies of the 40th U.S. president by Paul Kengor: "The Crusader" and "God and Ronald Reagan."
Jonas McCord, who is not a Reagan fan, wrote the script. "I was of the opinion that at best he was a bad actor and at worst a clown," McCord said.
But the scribe, whose credits include "Malice" and "The Body," said he was drawn to the project as he researched the former president's upbringing. He described Reagan's childhood as "a surreal Norman Rockwell painting with his alcoholic Catholic father, devout Christian mother, Catholic brother and ever-changing boarders the family took in."
The film will begin with the 1981 assassination attempt and tell Reagan's story through flashbacks and flash-forwards. No actors or director have been signed.
Hollywood's last attempt to depict Reagan was the 2003 miniseries "The Reagans," which starred James Brolin. It was supposed to air on CBS until a controversy erupted over alleged left-wing bias and it was relegated to sibling premium cable outlet Showtime. It was seen by 1.2 million people.
"Only in Hollywood could you make an insulting, condescending movie about a much-loved historical figure, hire an actor who loathes the man, watch it flop and then somehow conclude that Americans don't want to see a movie about him," said producer Mark Joseph, who optioned the books four years ago.
"I watched Americans line up and wait for 10 hours for the simple privilege of passing by his closed casket. They love this man," added Joseph, whose producing credits include four "X-Men" movies, two "Fantastic Four" movies and the 2001 remake of "Planet of the Apes."

He has partnered on the project with marketing and development executive Ralph Winter, who worked on "Ray" and "The Passion of the Christ."
The producers are considering two distribution offers as they complete a final round of funding. They have created the production company Rawhide Pictures, an homage to the Secret Service code name for Reagan."

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Monday, September 6, 2010

´Aniston's new beau: Her flirty date with Josh Hopkins

I have previously written about the fact that Aniston is finally dating again, and yesterday the magic happened!

Jennifer Aniston's dating life is always a topic of gossip channels, and it's no different here! The actress hasn't been able to settle down since her marriage to Brad Pitt was abruptly ended when he left her for Angelina Jolie (Team Aniston!).
Jennifer Aniston cheerfully waves at fans as she appears on the Daily Show in NYC, NY on August 19, 2010 to promote her newest movie The Switch . Fame Pictures, IncSince her split from Pitt, Aniston has been a sort of serial dater, linked to John Mayer, Gerard Butler, and Vince Vaughn, to name a few. She's most recently been linked to Harry Morton and now it's rumored that she has a thing with Josh Hopkins.
"She and Josh sat at a more private table and they seemed to get along great. It was obvious that they don't know each other well, but there was a flirty energy between them and Jen looked very happy" a source tells PEOPLE.
Hopkins is an actor on Cougar Town, which is Courtney Cox's hit series - Cox and Aniston are BFF's and Aniston is set to make a guest appearance on the show? Coincidence? Doubtful.

John Woo honoured at Venice

 This is a real proof that China is taking over the world!

"Chinese director John Woo was awarded the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. His martial arts epic, Reign of Assassins, screened to coincide with the honour warmed Venetian hearts. A beaming Woo told the media that he saw himself as a bridge between China and Hollywood. “I want to make movies that will incorporate the good things from the West and the East.
The Reign of Assassins, which was shot in China and set during the famous Ming Dynasty, stars Michelle Yeoh. She plays an assassin falling in love with the son of a man killed by her gang.
John WooThis is the first that a Chinese film has a real female hero, and, indeed, this is the first time that Woo has a woman as a protagonist. “Some people are of the view that martial arts are all about men. But this opinion is rapidly changing in China…Young women want to see women martial arts heroes”, Woo said.
It is said that the Venice jury president, Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, starring Uma Thurman as a female fighter, had inspired Woo to create his own woman warrior. There is, however, a difference between the two. The Kill Billheroine is American, very strong and powerful. But Yeoh’s Assassin is Chinese, very Eastern, very emotional. She is willing to shed tears and suffer – all for love.
Though Woo is familiar with Hollywood and the West, having worked there, he feels that the people there are still to understand China’s culture and spirit. And in a final take, Woo said that he was old fashioned who believed in two-dimensional cinema. The 3D stuff is more like a computer game. Yes, of course, mechanical, cold and soulles, I would add."

Pamela Anderson revisits her sex kitten side

Isn't she a bit old for this?

"She's no stranger to posing in her underwear, but Pamela Anderson stripped for a different sort of photoshoot today as she launched a new competition for phone company Nokia.
Wearing a variety of sexy outfits, Pamela, who became infamous for the notorious sex tape she filmed with her then husband Tommy Lee in the 1990s, reclines on a bed in a hotel room.
The photographs have been released after it was announced Pamela, 43, will be filming a bedroom scene with a complete stranger for a short film called The Commuter.
Seductive: Pamela Anderson reclines on a bed in her underwear as she promotes a new competition for Nokia
Seductive: Pamela Anderson reclines on a bed in her underwear as she promotes a new competition for Nokia
Her co-star will be organised by Nokia through the new competition, and the film will be shot on the company's soon-to-launch N8 handset.
It will also have a London premiere, to which winners will be invited.
In addition, there is also the chance for fans to win the chance to appear alongside Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick in another scene, shot in a lift, for the movie.
Screen star: The 43-year-old actress will be appearing alongside a complete stranger in a short film for the phone company
Screen star: The 43-year-old actress will be appearing alongside a complete stranger in a short film for the phone company
Screen star: The 43-year-old actress will be appearing alongside a complete stranger in a short film for the phone company
John Nichols, head of marketing at Nokia UK, said: 'We wanted to create something very special for the launch of the Nokia N8 that showcases the Hollywood quality of its camera.'
Details will be available at and
Meanwhile, Pamela was spotted looking less than glamorous in a white T-shirt and jeans as she arrived at Los Angeles' LAX Airport yesterday.
The mother-of-two looked shocked when she spotted photographers at the airport, and quickly ducked her head to avoid them getting shots of her with no make-up on.
Make-up free: Pamela looked less than glamorous in T-shirt and jeans as she arrived at LAX Airport yesterday
Make-up free: Pamela looked less than glamorous in T-shirt and jeans as she arrived at LAX Airport yesterday
Make-up free: Pamela looked less than glamorous in T-shirt and jeans as she arrived at LAX Airport yesterday
Jet-setting Pamela has just return to America after a trip to the UK to promote her role as the Genie in Aladdin at Liverpool Empire Theatre from December 10.
Despite shooting to fame playing C.J. Parker in television show Baywatch, Anderson said recently she wants to steer clear of on-screen acting.
She said: 'I feel that, at this point in my career, I don't want to do another television show. I don't want to do a film. I'm really enjoying what I do now.
'I have two homes in Malibu, a home in Canada that I'm building, and I just love pouring my heart out into this part of my life.
'Being halfway through my life, I think we start feeling less invincible and we start thinking more about the important things. I've always been involved and now I feel like this is where I should be headed, more so than wearing bikinis.'"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arterton: I still feel desperate

Gemma Arterton has said she sometimes still feels "sad and desperate".
Despite being one of Hollywood's hottest stars with roles in Prince Of Persia and Quantum Of Solace under her belt, the former Bond girl describes herself as being "a loser" in her teenage years.
"I was very bookish, very much into amateur dramatics, and I wasn't really a hit with the guys, either - I was a bit sad and a bit desperate; I still feel like that inside, it's funny," she said.
"That's how I started, which is the geekiest thing ever," she added.
The change in confidence came when Gemma - who next appears in Tamara Drewe alongside Dominic Cooper - worked as a karaoke hostess in what she describes as a 'gangster pub' in London.
"I had to become really very self-assured very quickly to survive," she revealed.
"Someone tried to whack me over the head with a crowbar one night because I wouldn't serve him. I was 18 and I remember saying, 'Calm down and get out'. That was really when I grew up."

My reaction:
Buhuh, I am sooo famous and sooo beautiful, my life is so hard!
Get over yourself!

Jennifer Aniston Dating Around For Love

Jennifer Aniston was recently papped having a romantic dinner date at Madeo in West Hollywood with Chris Gartin. According to sources, Jennifer Aniston and Chris Gartin arrived at the restaurant about 7:30 p.m. and sat at a table secluded from the main dining area. When they left around 10:30 p.m., the two covered themselves with a sheet in their chauffeured car to avoid the snaps of the 15-plus paparazzi waiting outside.

This comes days after Jennifer Aniston was photographed dinning with Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend Harry Morton.
Ohh, I wish I could fall in love! :) 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Montana Fishburne Claims She and Her Father Are Speaking Again


Montana Fishburne says she and her father are now speaking again, and that they are "working on things." Montana was spotted by reporters in LA yesterday and said that her father is coming to terms with her career choice. "Me and my dad are great," she said. 

As had been reported previously, Montana and Laurence stopped talking when news broke about her adult movie performance, although he still paid her legal bills.

Chris Klein Sentenced To 96 Hours In Jail reports:


Chris Klein has been sentenced to 96 hours in jail on a DUI charge.

Klein was busted while driving the L.A. freeway at 3 AM in June and blew a .24 - three times the legal limit. 96 hours is the minimum for a second time offender. That amounts to time served for Chris, so he won't be getting booked again.

It's likely the judge went easy on him since he has spend the last 2 months in rehab. Klein will also be on probation for four years, have to attend alcohol ed classes and get an alcohol interlock device put on his car.

Klein said to the judge, "I apologize for my wrongdoing and I really appreciate the court giving me the opportunity to prove how seriously I took all of this."

Lindsay Lohan Stroller Hit-And-Run A Lie?



TMZ is speculating that the guys who filmed Lindsay Lohan supposedly leaving the scene after hitting a stroller with her car are lying.

Another witness - a photographer - says Lindsay was leaving her apartment and turning onto the road with a green light. The witness says she did "ever-so-slightly" tap the stroller "like 1 mile an hour."

But the witness said Lindsay pulled over and asked the woman - the baby's nanny - if everything was OK. When it looked like everything was fine, she drove off.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Veronica Mars Will Not Give Up On Her Movie Dreams

It's been over three years since Veronica Mars has gone off the air and since that time, all Kristen Bell has done is champion for a big screen release.
The problem is, Warner Bros. holds the rights to the franchise and despite the constant pleading and begging from fans Kristen, they still haven't forged ahead with a movie or relinquished control of the rights.
Yesterday, Kristen decided to channel her inner Gossip Girl and blast the Internet to get some supporters. On her Twitter, she posted:
"Mars fans-can we bug @wbpictures & tell em they must do a VM film?? new tactic. bombard em w/tweets, there's evidence of fans they cant ignore.
#veronicamars fans send petitions & any obsessive behavior you have to @wbpictures & demand the film. they see no audience for it? i beg to differ."

It's so unlike a star to be the one fighting for her TV show to go to the big screen that we really hope she gets it done. Maybe it won't make a billion dollars, but when will a studio ever get this kind of dedication from an actress to a project again?
Think about that, WB!