Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bill Maher gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

This is SOOO cool! I love him! <3

"LOS ANGELES — Political satirist Bill Maher has been immortalized in Hollywood.
With Larry King and "Family Guy" producer Seth MacFarlane standing nearby, HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" talk show host unveiled his Walk of Fame star Tuesday outside the W Hotel at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.
Maher, who once hosted the late-night talk show "Politically Incorrect," said he wanted to thank "George Bush, Sarah Palin and the pope."
It was the 2,417th star dedicated on the famous sidewalk."


  1. Thats awesome, I think he deserved this commemoration.

  2. I like Bill Maher. I loved his Religulous movie and I watch his show all the time. Looking forward to the start of the new season.

    But Maher still believes in certain types of woo. He actually advocates that people don't get vaccinated. He thinks vaccines don't protect you, and he thinks they actually infect you in some cases. He thinks vaccines are just a way for drug companies to get rich from a useless (and harmful) product. It's ridiculous... It amazes me how someone so logical and reasonable when it comes to subjects like religion, but can be so dumb when it comes to subjects like vaccine. He literally has said "I don't trust the government to stick a dirty vaccine in my arm"

    Seriously... not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  3. Bill Mahr is the best jew i never knew

  4. good its about time! Glad hes being supported for his efforts.

  5. Now if only someone can convince him that vaccines aren't diseased injections that get you sick...

  6. 2417th!!! Didn't think there were that many :/ Nice blog BTW